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„home“ + „press“ excerpt from a letter by The Federal Commissioner Marianne Birthler to Stefan Weinert on 07.10.2008, about the montage of the 5.9.2008 from Face the Wall / Gesicht zur Wand and Words of Greeting at the Premiere 8th of February 2009, in the Volksbühne Berlin.

„press“ excerpt from a critic in „DIE ZEIT“ from the 5th of February 2009 by Evelyn Finger.

„press“ excerpt from a critic in „THE IRISH TIMES“ from the 14th of November 2009 by Derek Scally.

excerpt from The Irish Times 14.11.2009

„press“ excerpt from „Gutachten der Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden“ anläßlich der Vergabe des „Prädikat besonders wertvoll“ & „Dokumentarfilm des Monats“ vom 12.10.2009

„press“ excerpt from a letter to Stefan Weinert from the Federal Governement Commissioner for Culture and Media Bernd Neumann 16.11.2010

„press“ excerpt „Kölner Treff“ Bettina Böttinger from 29th of november 2009  © Encanto TV GmbH /WDR

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